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Split Squad Game Thread - Reds at Rockies, Reds vs. Diamondbacks

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The Reds shuffle up their squads to get in two today.


The only thing better than following one Reds game is following two, amirite?

The Reds are going halfsies today, with Aroldis Chapman taking the mound for his first start of the Spring vs. the Rockies, while Mike Leake will take the hill for the Reds in Goodyear opposite the Diamondbacks. Logan Ondrusek, Josh Ravin, Manny Parra, and J.J. Hoover are scheduled to follow Chapman, while Alfredo Simon, Jorge De La Rosa, Ismael Guillon, and Jose Arredondo are set to follow Leake.

Todd Frazier also returns from his calf-induced layoff. Lineups below.

Reds vs. Rockies

Paul LF

Phillips 2B

Heisey RF

Soto 1B

Hannahan 3B

Phipps CF

Cozart SS

Olivo C

Ashley DH

Reds vs. Diamondbacks

Choo CF

Burriss SS

Votto 1B

Ludwick LF

Bruce RF

Frazier 3B

Donald 2B

Miller C

Y. Rodriguez DH

Go Reds! They're my favorite team!

Go other Reds! They're my other favorite team!