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Game 2: Official Sign-up Thread!

You coming?

Christian Petersen

It's almost time to get the tickets. Here's the list of interested parties I have so far:

BK (2)
3 Fast 3 Furious
joshuar (2)
Ash (2)
Madville (2)
Mr. Redlegs Posse (2)

That puts us at 17 right now, with 2 maybes that I need to hear from in this thread. Anyone else? I'll be purchasing tickets soon, so if you're not on the list and you want to go, say so in the comments.

Also still taking suggestions on a meeting spot for pre-game drinks/whatnot, but we can discuss that in the thread too.


AC Slider makes 18
DocRam makes 19
'tHan makes 20
jsl413 makes 21
WhoDeyAJ (3) makes 24