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2013 Red Reporter Fantasy Baseball (Sponsored by Yahoo!)

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this post is sponsored by Yahoo!

this post is not sponsored by New MiO Fit
this post is not sponsored by New MiO Fit

We have mentioned that the Yahoo! Red Reporter Fantasy Baseball league will be a tiered setup, like European footy, or something. Well, here is your first look at the leagues. The tiers were determined by total comments on RR, with the most frequent commenters taking the higher tiers. Unlike last year, all the leagues will have the same scoring system, and the winner of each league will move up, while the last place finisher will move down. The scoring will be Rotisserie 6 X 6.

The scoring categories will be: Hits, HR, SB, XBH, OBP, SLG /// K, ERA, WHIP, IP, SV, QS


I will need each member listed above to email before Wednesday March , 13. If I don't receive an email from you, I will assume you are no longer interested in participating, and someone on the waiting list will take your place. The drafts for all the leagues will take place on Sunday March, 24.

Waiting List: Red Stalk, Legal Trouble, DocRam, brown11b, sports googles 4 lyfe, MiamiOh, Officer Dibble (If anyone else wants to be on the waiting list, let us know in the comments)

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