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Red Reposter: There's Original Content in Them Thar Pages

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There are team previews, player reports, and TDIRH out there and you're reading this shit?


Nothing is happening. In February, that's a good thing for everyone but Kyle Lohse.

  • Bailey threw a baseball yesterday. "Short and sweet," Bailey said about the outing and also about Teju Cole's tour de force of Open City. Bailey thought that the Sebaldian overtones were a bit strong but the story of a lonely soul in a strange city knows no racial, class, or geographic bounds; as can be seen by the narrator's travels to Brussels in the second act of the book. Also in that link is Johnny Cueto's new accreditation that requires him to have all mail delivered to Ace Johnny Cueto.
  • Dusty gonna Dust (in the good way). "I lost a ball in the sun once in spring training with the Braves against the Yankees in Fort Lauderdale," he said. "I got hit in the chest and Eddie Mathews asked me where my sun glasses were and when I told him I didn’t have them he said, ‘Then you need to put sun glasses on your butt.’ And the next day we didn’t have batting practice, we had sunglasses flip-down practice, so everybody on the team was mad at me." That was tangentially related to a question asked about Yorman Rodriguez losing a ball in the sun. Also in that link is Heisey learning to hit breaking pitches, Bryan Price being moderately racist, and "Do you know what Cubs stands for? Usually, it is Completely Useless By September, but this year it is Completely Useless By Spring. "
  • More on Chris Heisey, who is so vanilla it hurts. Interesting about Dusty saying that he's a great pinch-hitter because he can turn on fastballs and most relievers rely predominantly on a fastball. Chris also has a Sally Field quote #Oscarbait
  • Dusty likes big Lutz and he cannot lie. He's got power that you can't deny. When the ball gets in no movement right to the waist with the seams all in his face the bat's swung. Also, John Joseph Hannahan the Fourth is a nice guy and Frazier won an award for charity work.
  • This is a year-old, but I haven't seen it linked here yet. Ryan Hanigan talks horse racing. He's the best, isn't he? "Horse racing is big in this part of the country and I had a couple of friends who are real knowledgeable and have been in the business. They taught me a lot about the business," he said. "I did a lot of research and history reading to understand pedigree. I have a good handle on it now, especially the paper work and business side, but I have professionals to help me in the other aspects. But I have a pretty good base on that part, too." Ryan Hanigan, philosophy major, has done research and history reading to understand horsebreeding and horsebreeding business. He has "a bunch of nice broodmares." This guy, man...
  • MLBTR reports on Jay Bruce's choice of an agent. People will probably take the Boras part and run with it, but it's pretty clear that Bruce would've never signed his contract through 2016 if Boras was his agent. Bruce seems to have a goal that he's set out to have done and found an agent that would help him. Much like Votto, he seems to have really given a lot of thought to his interview answers and how he deals with other human beings. What a sweetheart.