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This Day in Reds History: Reds re-sign Joe Oliver

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On this day in Reds history, the Reds re-signed catcher Joe Oliver.

Joe Oliver
Joe Oliver

On this day in 1894, the National League established a number of rules with the intention of curbing offense as teams averaged more than 6.5 runs per game during the 1893 season. The NL ruled that all foul bunts were now strikes and created the infield fly rule. However, the changes would not contain the era's runaway offenses as NL teams averaged more than seven runs per game in 1894.


On this day in 1980, former Red Gary Majewski was born in Houston, TX. The Post Office is still looking for the Nationals' medical staff's report on Majewski's shoulder.


On this day in 1996, the Reds signed catcher Joe Oliver. Cincinnati drafted Oliver in the second round of the 1983 draft, and he spent the first six seasons of his major league career in the Queen City from 1989-1994. Oliver signed a one-year deal with Milwaukee after the 1994 season, but returned to Cincinnati after just one season with the Brewers.

Also on this day in 1996, the Reds released catcher Damon Berryhill. He played in just over 30 games for Cincinnati in 1995, hitting a paltry .183/.260/.293 (47 OPS+).


DerekH91 and Big Fat Fatty each earned a point last time.

1) The 1894 Reds scored 936 runs, which is still the franchise record. Which modern era (1901-present) Reds team scored the most runs? This team scored 865 runs.

2) On this day in 1887, Hall of Famer Grover Cleveland Alexander was born in Elba, NE. He's the only baseball player named after one president and portrayed by another. Name the abysmal 1952 film about his life starring Ronald Reagan, AND name the Cincinnati native who was Reagan's co-star.