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Red Reposter: Typing Until My Fingers Bleed

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John Fay and Hal McCoy check in from Goodyear, while Carson Cistulli looks at the best players without spots.

Christian Petersen

Armando Galarraga is Poised to Resuscitate His Post-Near-Not-Almost-Actually-Perfect Career

The Enquirer's John Fay took time to speak with the Reds' minor-league signing about the state of his game. Galarraga was Joyce'd worse than high school seniors stuck reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and his ability to have success at the MLB level has gone by the wayside since then. The hurler says he feels good (Spring Training cliche) and that his velocity is back (Spring Training cliche), but you never really know if these truths are held to be self evident or not. At 31, Armando is insurance in most scenarios, but in the Reds' current situation he's actually insurance insurance.

Dynamic Pricing Officially Announced

Yossi, here you go. The Reds officially announced Monday that they will become the 20th of the 30 MLB teams to adopt dynamic pricing for home games, and all I could think of was this. (Well, that and that it will be a lot cheaper to see the Rockies play the Reds in GABP this season.) There's nothing terribly surprising about this announcement, especially with the Reds on a continual uptick in overall attendance. When fans are coming to the gates due to winning instead of gimmicks, odds are the team will find ways to maximize the revenue because of it, especially with the increase of payroll to $100 million. Capitalism 101, folks.

The Best Players Without Starting Positions

Carson Cistulli uses resident Red Reporter visitor Dan Szymborski's ZiPS projections to look at the best projected 2013 players who, by depth chart, do not have regular starting roles entering the season. Free Agent Scott Rolen checks in at 8th on the list, while former Red Didi Gregorious checks in at 10th. These are for position players, but it would be interesting to see this done for starting pitchers, too, since I'd like to see how Mike Leake ranked.

Joey Votto Drops Another Ted Williams Reference, Baseball Junkies Swoon

There's no method for measuring how awesome Joey Votto is at being awesome. He's pretty much the awesomeist awesomer to have ever awesomed. Hall of Famer Hal McCoy chatted with Votto after yesterday's game and, well, Joey gave some awesome insight. There are going to be budding baseball superstars 50 years from now who quote Votto the way Votto cites Williams, and that's just remarkable the think about.

Former Red and Current KMiB Birthday Sharer Dontrelle Willis Hurts Shoulder

It's really hard for me to dislike Willis despite the fact he's currently a member of the worst organization in professional sports. We were born on the same day in the same year, just minutes apart, and while his time with the Reds was brief he seemed to be a genuine, well liked member of the franchise. Therefore, it hurts to know his latest comeback attempt was cut short after he hurt his pitching shoulder after just 7 pitches. There is a glimmer of hope, however; since MLBTradeRumors hasn't reported it yet, there's no way for us to know that it's actually true.

Billy Preston Sings About Joey Votto's First Home Run Since June

You fine folks know I love me some Billy Preston and I love me some Joey Votto, and the only thing I love more is hearing Billy sing about Joey rounding the bases.