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Ranking the mascots' favorite meals

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We asked the four Reds' mascots to share their ideas of the perfect meal and then we ranked them.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

4. Mr. Red

"Hmmm, that's a good one. I'm a local boy through-and-through, and I absolutely love a good, hearty breakfast. So I'd say some goetta with scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, and some fresh sliced cantaloupe. To drink, I'd like black coffee, a tall glass of ice-cold 2% milk, and some fresh-squeezed orange juice. It's kind of simple, I know, but mmm mmmm. That really hits the spot. I'm hungry now just thinking about it!"

3. Rosie Red

"I absolutely LOVE Italian food. So anything Italian is bellissimo! Veal parmesan and spinach ravioli is my all-time favorite, though. I'd start with a nice mixed green salad with a light vinaigrette (I have to watch my girlish figure LOL!). Oh, and a rich, dark chocolate gelato for dessert!"

2. Mr. Redlegs

"Steak. Rare. Rye whiskey. Straight. A pack of Camel non-filters. Now get the hell out of here."

1. Gapper