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Predict the Opening Day Roster (and everything else)

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Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Everyone reports tomorrow, so it's time to size up the recruits. Who's coming in light and who's coming in Lite?

In addition to the 40-man roster, they've also invited these guys to big league camp:


Nick Christiani, RHP
Wilkin De La Rosa, LHP
Justin Freeman, RHP
Armando Galarraga, RHP
Drew Hayes, RHP
Clay Hensley, RHP
Chad Rogers, RHP

Position players:

Nevin Ashley, C
Tucker Barnhart, C
Corky Miller, C
Miguel Olivo, C
Emmanuel Burriss, IF
Cesar Izturis, IF
Kristopher Negron, UTL
Billy Hamilton,CF
Ryan LaMarre, OF
Denis Phipps, OF
Derrick Robinson, OF

That makes 58 guys for 25 spots. And, of course, there are probably only 2 spots in question, at most, barring injury. That's why we should also predict a few other things. Below is the template for leaving your predictions down in the thread.

The winner gets a personal Tweet from a Red Reporter staff writer sent "@" their Twitter account sometime this season. Or maybe something slightly better (or worse), if we can empty out the office swag closet.


You can account for the landing spots of all 58 players in camp if you like. All predictions have an ETA of Opening Day 2013.

You'll get more points for predicting the disabled list, released, assigned (non-roster) and traded players. And bonus points for saying who will be in the "first cut."

  • Starting rotation
  • Bullpen
  • Position players
  • Players on the disabled list to start the season
  • Released, does not accept assignment or lost to waivers
  • Traded
  • Successfully assigned to minors (accepted assignment or had option)