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Red Reposter: Spring Training Day Two - Pitchers and Catchers Retort

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Rolen's getting older! And Bailey's getting larrrrrrrgerrrrrrrrrrrr!

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The Garage Door Girls have to make ends meet in the offseason too, y'all.
The Garage Door Girls have to make ends meet in the offseason too, y'all.
Doug Pensinger

There's no baseball yet, but there is baseball activity. Little white specks of light are making big loud thunks in leather. Obliques are being stretched, sunglasses are out of their cases, everyone has to listen to Bronson's stories of this little piece of work he met in Biscayne. It's a great time to be a baseball fan, and it's only going to get better as the month goes on.

  • There are photographs of people playing baseball in Reds uniforms. The hats are harmless, but still a bit stupid. I would rather they go Full Lexington and a mustache hat then having it look like Mister Redlegs is running through Mike Leake's mind all day, but whatever. I guess it'll sell.
  • Hal McCoy channels his inner Vin Scully. Homer Bailey's late to the contract negotiations because he went on an African safari over the winter(!!!). Ernest Ol' Hoss Baimmengway is kind of neat, isn't he?
  • Cueto is healthy. Whatever is going on with Chapman will be a mystery for a bit longer. Not news exactly, but we're in Spring Training shape too. Dusty did seem to intimate that Chapman will be a starter through Spring Training, saying "We started Aroldis off the same way last year (in spring training). That benefited him. He was able to work and use all his pitches."
  • Rolen is not coming to Arizona, may not come to Cincinnati. Even if not "bad for the team" per se, it is a bummer in that these were Scott Rolen's Reds, and he was always a great quote and a great guy, even when he was not a great hitter. I hope he enjoys lovely southern Indiana, state tree: the hedge, as well as his lovely wife, charming children, loyal dog, and presumably a dented up pickup truck that still runs good, baby. Dusty, continuing to do his best to just ramble into a microphone, gave his thoughts on leadership: "New leaders are born and acquired when one leader leaves. You don't know who it's going to be. Most leaders are thwarted in their growth by the previous leader."
  • Dusty Baker is a terrible obstetrician.
  • Sheldon has some nice "like a kid out there"-esque quotes from Marshall, as well as some nice first-day-at-school quotes from Choo, who prefers to go by Choo. It's not really in this link, but Choo will not be doing the WBC, since he'd rather get used to centerfield and his new teammates. Cueto said that he'd like to pitch in the WBC, but hasn't been contacted yet. Dusty does not want him to go. No word on Votto yet. Chapman is expected to be the Game One starter for the Andorran Pyrenees Mastiffs.
  • Oh, here's the quote about Choo and the WBC. He also sounds somewhat terrified of centerfield. I'm starting to wonder if this is going to be A Thing. I like the idea of Bruce out there instead, but then what do you do on days Heisey is in the lineup? Dusty doesn't seem like the type to want to shift people around too much. And Dusty has a point about Bruce bringing his potential difficulties in center to the plate. This is the storyline of camp, I believe.
  • Video of the Reds. Video of the Reds.