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Red Reposter - Pitchers and catchers report tomorrOMG

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In this issue, Todd Frazier and Josh Ravin interviews, the price of good young pitching, and Shin Soo Choo is going to be an international movie star.


David Laurila at FanGraphs had a nice discussion with Todd Frazier
You should definitely click through and read the whole thing, as Frazier is his naturally ebullient self. But here's a part I found really interesting:

DL: Have you had any input on where you play?

TF: The coaches always ask, `What do you think about this?’ They always talked to me about it, but it’s always their decision where they want me to go. I don’t necessarily care where, but if I had a choice, I’d rather play one position. It’s better for your arm, for one thing.

DL: Is that the biggest challenge?

TF: I’ve never had arm problems — knock on wood — but there is strain. You throw from different angles, and you need to do a lot more exercises and muscle conditioning with your shoulder and elbow. It starts to get on you a little bit, but at the same time, it’s pretty cool playing six different positions in the major leagues. My arm is holding up pretty well.

More interviews!
Doug at RML chats up pitching prospect Josh Ravin. It's not as interesting as the Todd Frazier interview, probably because Ravin isn't as goofy as Frazier is. I'd recommend reading the Ravin interview first and then the Frazier interview. Maybe then Ravin won't look so vanilla by comparison. Aside from that, Ravin is a good looking kid. I think he has a real future in the bullpen and could conceivably pitch for the Reds this season if some things happen.

I'm assuming andromache had to wear goggles while writing this piece
so her eyeballs wouldn't fall out of her head. She dug up news that a Korean production company is planning to make a film about Shin Soo Choo (and someone else but who cares) tracking his career from his time with the 2000 U18 World Champions and his development into the most accomplished Korean hitter in MLB history. Also, his high school stats! Did you know he was originally signed by the Mariners as a pitcher?

The Fay chatted up Banana Bob re: payroll
"Don't worry about the payroll," was Bob's cardinal line. Fay argues that we should be worried about it, to some extent. The Reds tried to lock up both Mat Latos and Homer Bailey with long-term extensions this winter, but it didn't work out. Felix Hernandez' big contract extension probably isn't going down too well in the Reds' front office, as it only further solidifies the high value of good young pitching. With Johnny Cueto to go along with Latos and Bailey, the Reds have a good deal of it. And it's all-but certain that they won't be able to retain all three of them. Cueto and Bailey are under control for two more seasons, while Latos is under control for three.

With Todd Redmond getting the DFA
and being scooped up by the Orioles, the Reds have extended an offer to Spring Training to Armando Gallaraga. The Reds signed him a minor-league deal earlier in the off-season, but didn't invite him to big league camp. With Redmond out of the fold, there was room for one more. He's really not that good though, so this is basically just filler to get this Reposter to a respectable length. P and Cs report tomorrow. Ah yeah.