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Red Reporter Fantasy Baseball 2013 - Sign Up Thread

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Sponsored by Yahoo!


We're teaming up with Yahoo! Sports to offer the official Red Reporter fantasy baseball league for 2013. They offer mock drafts, player comparisons, and an easy to use iPhone and Android app (which I can confirm is the best out there). You can also get real-time updates on your phone, which is pretty cool.

I'm excited to announce that we're doing a little bit of a new concept starting this year. We're still doing multiple leagues, except now we're using a new tiered structure. Yep, now there's consequences for not taking care of your team! If you're in the top league and you finish last, you'll be in the second division the next year. Win your level? You're moving up. It's about time someone tried something like this.

If you're interested in playing (and keeping up with your team for the whole season *cough cough*), sign up below. We'll come up with the inaugural schedule after we're done getting sign ups, so sign up now. As for how many leagues we're doing.... we'll cap it with how much your commish ManBearSelig and I can handle.


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Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball supports SBNation and fantasy league families everywhere. Get better experts, better tools, and better stats with the #1 free fantasy baseball game. This season also features a brand new iPad app, so sign up now. Get ready for opening day with better play on Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball.