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Redsfest Thread, Day 2: Some of our favorite people

Slyde & Corky & Muffins & More


Now that the Mid'west'r has passed on, Red Reporters are descending on the Duke Energy Convention Center. Here's a thread for the out-of-towners to sulk in and the in-towners to come back and post their Eyewitness Reports.

If you're able to safely drive to downtown Cincinnati in a day's time, then you might want to load up the station wagon. Our best and brightest await you.

If you're going - or you're already there - make sure to stop by to visit Joel Luckhaupt in the Reds Hall of Fame area or wherever else he's holding court. And also you're required to visit @thefinestmuffins spot - and know that her illustrations are FOR SALE.

The biggest news out of the Fest - really, out of the entire off-season to date - is this perfectly-timed bit of yuletide joy that should keep us all warm for a while: