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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #100

Since you can't fit three digits on a uniform, next up on the list is the short list of Reds players who wore the infamous 00. It's a short list.

3. Kerry Robinson (-0.1 WAR)

Did you even know that Robinson played for the Reds? I sure didn't. He appeared in 9 games in the 1999 season, and only had one AB, where he struck out. He had one LIDR appearance and pinch ran 7 times, where he stole a grand total of zero bases and got caught stealing once. Also, he spent the majority of his career with the Cardinals after that, which pretty much cements his place at the bottom of this list.

2. Brandon Watson (0.0 WAR)

Admittedly, Watson is the only 00 I personally remember as a Red. He made his only appearance as a Red in the infamous 2006 season where basically everybody got a shot. He was 1-for-1 stealing bases in his only appearance, and he was never a Cardinal, which makes him better than Robinson.

1. Curtis Goodwin (-0.6 WAR)

It doesn't matter how bad he was as a Red, he gets this honor because he played the most number of games in a #00 uniform by far. He also wore #7 for a bit in 1996, but he wore #00 full time in 1997. He ended up appearing in 134 games for Cincinnati in the 1996-97 seasons, to the tune of a .605 OPS. He stole 37 bases in that time, so I guess his contributions weren't all for naught. Fun fact: Goodwin appeared in more games as a Red than he did any other team in his career.