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Red Reposter: More Stasis

The Reds and SBNation haven't done much since yesterday.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rosenthal ponders Arroyo in pinstripes
The theory is that Arroyo is buds with Matthew Krause, his former fitness guru and the Yankees’ new strength and conditioning coach. There's a couple of moving parts for the Yankees to consider, including the likelihood of them having to pay A-Rod next year and whether Masahiro Tanaka gets posted (the latest is that he won't).

Sheldon Profiles Mesoraco, Catcher of the Now
Sure would be great to see Devin Mesoraco's bat approach the gaudy hitting lines he put up in the minors. Bryan Price seems bullish, hinting that he could move Meso up in the batting order. Also, check out Sheldon busting out the BABIP and line drive analysis.

Bill Lack at Redleg Nation spoke with new bullpen coach Mack Jenkins
Jenkins is one of the few holdovers Price has retained, and he's been with the org forever. He's got some interesting comments on Mesoraco, Hanigan, Parra, Simon, and a bunch of minor league pitchers.  Apparently the coaches taught Parra a slider this year, he took to it, and kicked butt.

The rundown on the Reds' minor league signings can be found here
Wang is yesterday's news. Kris Negron is coming back, though that may be old news as well.

Kevin Youkilis is going to Japan.

Head protection an option for Pitchers in 2014?
Brandon McCarthy has spilled the beans on an optional protective cap that will be available this coming season. As Keith Olbermann has pointed out before, it wouldn't be the first time pitchers have worn extra protection on the field.

Did you know the Blue Wahoos have their own brand of bottled water?

It's "best of" list season
Sports on Earth revisits their favorites from 2013. Joey Votto walking five times deservedly makes the cut. Edwin Encarnacion or his parrot also say "hello."

Vin Scully once beat Jackie Robinson on ice skates.

The only person not in the new Wes Anderson film is you.