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Red Reposter: Nothing is Happening

but the Reds signed Wang to a minor league deal, at least.

The Rogers Centre shouldn't have put the pitcher's ERA on a scoreboard 30 feet above home plate.
The Rogers Centre shouldn't have put the pitcher's ERA on a scoreboard 30 feet above home plate.

The headline news is that Chien-Ming Wang signed a minor league deal with the Reds with an invite to Spring Training, Craig Calcaterra reports. If this means anything, we're all in big trouble. But I guess it'll be nice to have someone giving ground ball practice to the Louisville infield and leaping-over-the-wall practice for the outfield.

Grant Wahl called SB Nation soccer an unprofessional disaster. Which, if you've ever read our soccer coverage, you'd know was true. But you don't, so take it from him.

Joe Posnanski wrote a fun little piece about Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis. Mike Brown is basically a guy playing Mike Brown in a movie, including not having a cell phone.

Baseball-Reference, proving that even calculators can have fun.

Does anyone hate Andrew McCutchen? No. It's impossible. Give it to the Briz:

Andrew McCutchen is baseball. Like, at the end of the after-school cartoon, when he builds a new ballpark for orphans using twigs and magic breath, right as he's leaving, someone says "Don't you realize who that was? That was Baseball, man. It was him." It would be the Miracle on 34th Street twist. And I'd watch the movie 78 times.

McCutchen looks like the baseball players I was too young to watch. Carl Yastrzemski was 5'11", 175 pounds. Willie Mays was listed at 5'10", 175. Hank Aaron was 6'0", 180. McCutchen is 5'10", 190. He's vintage without being old. He's a walking reminder that physics works in mysterious, explainable ways, and that baseball players don't have to look like Zangief to be excellent, well-rounded hitters.

Anyways, McCutchen is going to make a lot of money one day, and he'll deserve all of it. I hope he does it for the Rays.

Pete Beatty writes on why Richie Sexson should be in the Hall of Fame, somewhat-convincingly.

I'll miss you all one day, when all this is gone.

Important story about yogurt, yogurt-making, the home of the best yogurt.

Kanye West is Albrecht Durer

I'm sorry that this Reposter was weak.