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Red Reposter: And I Don't Know How To Stop It At All

Congratulating the Reds' Organization Award Winners, welcoming some old friends, and otherwise just pea-shootin'.

Yes! You!
Yes! You!

The Reds have announced their award winners this year, and Jamie Ramsey is on it. Choo is MVP, Latos is pitcher of the year, Jay Bruce is the Joe Nuxhall Good Guy of the Year. In the minors, Mejias-Brean is the Chief Bender winner, while Jesse Winker is the best hitter and Robert Stephenson is the top pitcher. Brent Peterson got the El'Hajj Muhammad Community Service Award. Shin-soo Choo was a great season, and it looks like I'll miss him...but he did not do a single thing better than Joey Votto. No need to over-think this one, BBWAA.

Zach Day, noted Cincinnatian and one-time Reds target because man those were some dark days a decade ago, has a very neat article on Baseball Prospectus on fastball spin. Basically, there's an average spin-rate for baseballs, and folks who go much faster or slower get fastballs to do weird things. It's way cooler than that, so check out the article.

Chris Cwik explained basically every single defensive metric over on Sports on Earth. Thanks, guy.

Mr. Brisbee at McCovey Chronicles has a nice little roundup of lower-end outfield candidates. I'd be totally down with kicking the tires on Franklin Gutierrez, Dustin Ackley, or Scott Van Slyke. Ackley in particular is interesting as a guy who can basically be Young Skip Schumaker (which is way way way better than Our Dog Skip). I'd like to see that happen.

Jeb "Mobute" Lund went to the Winter Meetings and basically just peed all over Florida. Worth a read.

Brady Anderson went to the Winter Meetings and was challenged to a footrace by some sports reporter with predictable results.

C. Trent went to the Winter Meetings and is actually just live-tweeting the Trade Show, which seems really cool. Probably the most interesting Winter Meetings story out there, right now. Montgomery Biscuits Nail Polish, anyone?

As of this publication, the the last rumor I heard was the Reds signing Arroyo for ~3/$36M. That would most likely mean that one of Leake/Bailey/Latos will be on the move.