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SBN Winter Meetings Sim: Day 4 Recap


We're 4 days in and our roster is shaping up pretty nicely. We're thrilled with the acquisition of Arroyo, and now it's up to just shoring up the rest of the roster.

I'm happy to say that as our last infielder, we picked up Willie Bloomquist on a 1 year, $1M deal. Bloomquist is nice because he can hit a little bit, he can play every infield spot (yes, even SS in a pinch), and didn't cost us a lot.

To free up the cash for this, we traded Logan Ondrusek to Houston for a lefty starter prospect Brian Holmes. Ondrusek's guaranteed money wasn't helping our payroll, and as we found out last year, there's a chance he's not one of the best 7 guys in this 'pen. The kid we got back has a K/9 over 9 so far, and we figure that his lefty arm could project as a LOOGY if he doesn't work out in the rotation.

Spring training will have its share of battles, as we'll be bringing in Grady Sizemore to compete for an OF spot (along with Bruce, Grandy, DeJesus, Heisey, and D-Rob). Aaron Harang will also make his triumphant return to the Reds, as he'll mainly be insurance for Cueto's shaky durability.

In the coming day, we'll still be looking for deals, but I'm under the impression the roster we have is probably the roster we'll stick with. How'd we do?