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SBN Winter Meetings Sim - Day 2 Recap


Our big simulated news of the day is that we traded Brandon Phillips to LA for Zach Lee. Other whispers heard around GABP today:

  • The Reds continue to look for a replacement for Philips that won't hurt the payroll as badly. Minnesota announced a 3-year deal with 36-year-old Mark Ellis, that the Reds simply may have been outbid on. Sources say the Reds were among the final teams in contention there.
  • The Reds could have another player off of the FA stockpile as early as tomorrow.
  • This news coming down later tonight, but the Fake Reds will be non-tendering Xavier Paul and Corky Miller. I hate to see either one of them go, but that's $1.7M we're freeing up that we can be using to not get Mark Ellis.
  • How mad is Slyde that we didn't get Ellis?
That's all for now. Stay tuned.