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SBN Winter Meetings Simulation: Reds get OF help

whoa I'm on the reds now
whoa I'm on the reds now
Brian Blanco

In a late night deal, the Fake Reds are pleased to announce the acquisition of OF David DeJesus for 1B Neftali Soto.

We plan to use DeJesus in both LF and CF, splitting time in both places to get around 5 starts a week.

The Fake Reds lost 1B Neftali Soto in the deal, who really didn't have a place to play with Joey Votto manning first base until the end of time. Soto will have a chance to play 1B most of the time in Tampa, as well as DH sometimes too, something he can't do in the superior National League.

The Reds added $6.5M in the deal, but addressed a critical need with Choo's departure, and still have between $7-8M left to play with (and that doesn't count any salary freed up).