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Reds to re-sign Manny Parra to a 2-year, $5.5M deal

Jamie Sabau

Reported by Jon Heyman, confirmed by The Fay:

As Fay indicates, no real rush for the Reds to make it official, other than he'll probably be at Redsfest. At least, he should be at that rate.

After a rough start, Parra finished the season as one of the best relievers the Reds had with a 3.33 ERA in 57 appearances. It's another lefty, giving the Reds another strong bullpen in that respect with Marshall and Chapman already signed.

Parra's certainly a guy I'm happy to have back, but this does seem awfully expensive. And of course, another two-year deal. He's a good piece, but I'm surprised they couldn't do a more team friendly deal there.

What do you think? Good signing? Sound off below.