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Red Reposter - Roster Shakedown

The Hot Stove has been turned on, but so far the Reds have been standing on the other side of the room where it's cold. Very, very cold.'s MIKE LEAKE!'s MIKE LEAKE!
Joe Robbins

Reds Set Their 40 Man Roster

The Reds added Tucker Barnhart, Juan Duran, Chad Rogers and Ryan LaMarre to the team's 40 man roster this week, selecting each of their contract in order to protect them from being available in the upcoming Rule 5 draft.  None of these names should come as a surprise, as the organization has already invested much in each of them.  The interesting part of this, as Mark Sheldon notes, is the fact that the roster is now currently full despite the pending official signing of Skip Schumaker.  Looks like there's still some creative maneuvering on the horizon.

Mark Sheldon Breaks Down the Kinsler/Fielder Trade

The writer took a quick look at the potential ramifications this mega-trade may have on the Reds, their current players, and the Free Agent market in which they'll be competing.  I seriously have no idea what kind of deal Walt Jocketty is going to pull off this winter, but I know he's going to do something big, and I'm just assuming it's going to involve him trying to move Brandon Phillips.  Sending the Reds' 2B to the Kansas City Royals makes far too much sense both because of their needs and because Dayton Moore kind of stoopy domb.  Fortunately, trading Ian Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers doesn't prevent that from happening despite the fact the trade removed one big-spending team from the 2B demand pool.

Cardinals Swap Freese for Bourjos

Will people please stop just giving good players to St. Louis?  Please?  Bourjos isn't a world-beater, but he's good when healthy and an improvement in CF over John Jay.  Given that this allows them to move Matt Carpenter back to 3B to make way for prospect Kolten Wong at 2B, they've added without really subtracting, and as a Reds fan, that's got to hurt.  Again.  As usual.

Exactly, Dan Szymborski.  Exactly.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Bad November for Reds so far: While the Cardinals are making trades like this, you&#39;re signing Skip Schumaker to a 2-year deal.</p>&mdash; Dan Szymborski (@DSzymborski) <a href="">November 22, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Literally Nothing Else About the Reds Except Bleacher Report Made-Up Stuff

And I'm not going to link to that, of course.  It is TGIF though, folks...