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Red Reposter - Fusing Musings

There is no theme today. Just links...and tunes.

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We can't trade this guy.  This picture is way too cool.
We can't trade this guy. This picture is way too cool.
Jamie Sabau

Our Boston friends at Over the Monster cast a glance at Ryan Hanigan.  I still like the idea of Daniel Nava as a Red, but there's just not a way that makes sense in a one-for-one trade.  It does seem that Hanigan does profile as a fit for the Red Sox in a number of different scenarios, though.  Who am I kidding...I still want Walt to get Shane Victorino.  I'd also still rather trade Devin Mesoraco.  I also want some soup.

Matt Snyder talks bad contracts at CBS Sports' Eye on Baseball.  Snyder lists Brandon Phillips as having the second worst contract among all 2B, and I take issue with that.  Yes, I believe Phillips is declining, but I'm still of the opinion that he's got plenty left in the tank, and I also have this sneaking suspicion that he's the kind of person who will take his failings at the end of 2013 to heart and want to prove people wrong in 2014.  The injury he played through in 2013 is noticeably absent from this piece, too, as is the fact that Phillips has outpaced Ian Kinsler in fWAR in each of the last two seasons while having potentially $12 million fewer owed to him.

Mark Sheldon from broke down the performances of the Reds' prospects in the Arizona Fall League.  But you know what?  -ManBearPig did the same thing, but did it better, so go read his version.

John Fay returned from the Weez Coast with some details into the Reds' business.  He opines that the Schumaker deal makes sense and, well, I just don't know.  The deal makes sense in a vacuum, yes, because Schumaker provides a bit of versatility, the ability to play some CF, and, as Fay notes, a low-K high-contact approach.  That's all well and good, but with the way the roster is currently constructed, looking at this deal in a vacuum casts off important details.  Replacing replacement level players with other replacement level players is one thing; replacing replacement level players who have guaranteed multi-year contracts with other replacement level players who have guaranteed multi-year contracts is a bad, and costly, way to do business.

The Reds face their final 40 man roster decisions before the Rule 5 draft, and there's been literally nothing written about it anywhere that I can find.  So here's some Guru.

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