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Red Reposter: Charlie Sheen, MLB Awards, and the Ford Frick Award

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Harry How

USA Today: Charlie Sheen is sad about the Reds’ Wild Card loss

Which celebrity would you rather have represent the Reds -- Charlie Sheen or Nick Lachey? Sheen used to make enjoyable movies -- Major League, Platoon, Eight Men Out, his bit role as the stoner in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Conversely, I can't remember a single song by 98 Degrees.

Grantland: Presenting the MLB Award Winners

Jonah Keri offers his picks for the league MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year award winners. The headline is misleading, reading as if the leagues had already handed out the hardware, but the article is thoughtful and worth reading. Those of you with a weaker stomach may want to skip the section comparing Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera although Keri avoids any use of wins above replacement. Joey Votto is the lone Red on Keri's ballots. Votto comes in fifth place on Keri's NL MVP list.

HardballTalk: Gleeman: Rangers likely to make qualify [sic] offer to Nelson Cruz

This would be an interesting move by Texas GM Jon Daniels as the qualifying offer should be about fourteen million dollars this offseason. If Cruz were to accept the qualifying offer, then he would return to Texas on a one-year, fourteen million dollar deal. If he were to decline, then any team that signs Cruz would have to send a compensatory draft pick to the Rangers. One would think the Rangers are hoping that Cruz would decline the offer and look for employment elsewhere though Texas was barren of quality outfielders this season.

HardballTalk: Calcaterra: Hawk Harrelson is a finalist for the Ford Frick Award

I've come to enjoy Hawk Harrelson in the same way that I enjoy bad movies such as Plan 9 from Outer Space or Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. He seems to genuinely like baseball and the Sox, and sounds like he has fun broadcasting games. I prefer him over guys like Joe Buck or ____ _________ who sound like they're bored or annoyed to be at the ballpark.