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Little consolation Prizes: Gold Glove Announcement Thread

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I love GOLD.

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No World Series tonight. But for whatever reason - possibly to remind us that there are good fielders other than Dustin Perdoia - MLB is announcing the Gold Gloves. ESPN 2 has it at 8 EASTERN.

As I'm sure everyone knows, Brandon Phillips and Jay Bruce have both been nominated. Wise of Walt to wait until tomorrow to trade BP. Cozart and Frazier definitely have a case for nominations - Frazier might even have a case for the award in a weak 3B field. But Cozart could be an also-ran for seasons to come. Simmons may have turned in one of the best defensive seasons in baseball history.

To MLB's credit, they've gotten more objective about this award. The days of it being a second round of Silver Slugger awards are on the ebb. As C. Trent pointed out this morning, the Gold Gloves will supplement the usual manager and coaches ballots by including SABR's Defensive Index into the deciding. C. Trent furnished a very informative excerpt from SABR on this cobbled-together stat. It basically throws a bunch of location-based and play-by-play metrics, including UZR, into a stew and spits something out. I'm sure there's a logic to it, but I didn't bother to look it up. "Wisdom of the crowd (of statistics)" is probably part of it.

In any case, John Dewan - the guy behind the Fielding Bible - was part of the SABR committee that cooked all this up. It gives more rigor to the award, even if it feels vaguely like the BCS computer. SABR just keeps arriving.

Fielding Bible has given out its awards across MLB, so here are the leaders/winner in a few areas that could be useful in predicting who wins tonight in the NL... It's entirely possible that the Arizona 1B gets one just because his name has the word GOLD in it:

Position 2011 winner 2012 winner Fielding Bible UZR DRS My prediction
C Molina Molina Molina W. Castillo N/A Molina
1B Votto LaRoche Goldschmidt Rizzo Rizzo Goldschmidt
2B Phillips Barney (AL) Barney Ellis Barney
SS Tulo Rollins Simmons Simmons Simmons Simmons
3B Headley Polanco (AL) Uribe Arenado Uribe
LF Parra C. Gonzalez (AL) Marte Marte CarGo
CF Kemp McCutchen Gomez Gomez Gomez Gomez
RF Ethier Heyward Parra Parra Parra Parra
P Kershaw Buerhle (AL) N/A Corbin Corbin

NL Nominees:

Catcher: A.J. Ellis, Russell Martin, Yadier Molina
First base: Paul Goldschmidt, Adrian Gonzalez, Anthony Rizzo
Second base: Darwin Barney, Mark Ellis, Brandon Phillips
Third base: Nolan Arenado, Juan Uribe, David Wright
Shortstop: Ian Desmond, Andrelton Simmons, Troy Tulowitzki
Left field: Carlos Gonzalez, Starling Marte, Eric Young Jr.
Center field: Carlos Gomez, Andrew McCutchen, Denard Span
Right field: Jay Bruce, Jason Heyward, Gerardo Parra
Pitcher: Patrick Corbin, Zack Greinke, Adam Wainwright

AL Nominees:

Catcher: Matt Wieters, Joe Mauer, Salvador Perez
First base: Chris Davis, James Loney, Eric Hosmer
Second base: Robinson Cano, Ben Zobrist, Dustin Pedroia
Third base: Manny Machado, Evan Longoria, Adrian Beltre
Shortstop: Yunel Escobar, Alcides Escobar, J.J. Hardy
Left field: Yoenis Cespedes, Andy Dirks, Alex Gordon
Center field: Adam Jones, Lorenzo Cain, Jacoby Ellsbury
Right field: Nick Markakis, Josh Reddick, Shane Victorino
Pitcher: Mark Buehrle, R.A. Dickey, Doug Fister