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Red Reposter: The Bryan Price Managerial Abstract

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Will Bryan Price appoint Baseball-Reference's Play Index as his bench coach? No.

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Fay: Sabermetrics or old-school?

One would find it difficult to take issue with Bryan Price's statements regarding advanced analysis in baseball. By all accounts, Price is open-minded and possesses an eagerness to look at new information to gain an edge on the field. What more could you ask of a manager?

There are decisions to be made with data and those that call for a more personal touch. The balance isn't so important as the process. The Braves aren't the most sabermetric organization yet they fourteen consecutive division titles, because they knew what they did well (identify and develop young talent) and they stuck to it.

Erardi: Reds' first-time managers have done well

John Erardi looks at the most successful managers in Cincinnati history to see how they performed in their earliest seasons with the club. Not surprisingly, all of them led the Reds to a pennant or a dramatic turnaround within their first couple of years in the Queen City. Good managers tend to have success in general, which probably explains why they got off to a good start with the Reds.

ESPN SweetSpot Blog: Dotson: Price gives Reds fans reason for optimism

Chad Dotson explores a good deal of Bryan Price's positive qualities and what they mean for the team in coming years. Dotson makes the good point that just because Price has been on the staff for four years doesn't mean that we know exactly what we're getting in a new skipper. Price was not one of "Dusty's guys," so we will have to wait and see how he approaches late-innings defensive replacements, platooning, lineup construction, and other sources of ire from the Dusty Baker era.

Redleg Nation: I’m Sorry, What?

Yesterday, as I was basking in the glow of a solid managerial hire, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw this quote from Walt Jocketty:

"He (Joey Votto) has to fit better into the role we see for him, or he might have to hit in a different spot in the order..... that's something Bryan will certainly approach Joey with, and something we will discuss. There are certain things he has to do."

Jason Linden takes umbrage with Jocketty's latest comment on Joey Votto. While I agree with Linden that it makes little sense for the Reds to criticize their franchise player, I can't say that I'm still surprised when someone says something less than flattering about Votto. Now that Votto's mega-contract will kick in next season, the pressure will be on him, rightfully or wrongfully, to produce certain magic numbers -- .300 average, 30 home runs, 100 RBI, etc. I don't think it's fair to place any blame on Votto since the Reds management offered him the deal, but that's how the sports world works.

HardballTalk: The Marlins "promise" they won’t lose 100 games next year

And Paul Janish can promise fans he'll hit 30 dingers next season.