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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Dusty Takes Off the Bunt vs. Cozart Motors a Triple

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picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Dusty Takes Off the Bunt

If you can believe it, Aroldis Chapman actually had an at-bat this season. It was an event bigger than the Super Bowl, The World Cup, and the Christening of little Prince George all put together. Of course, Dusty tried to get him to bunt. And of course, it didn't go well at all. Instead of the regular ol' "thumb nose, tip cap, wipe sleeve" move to take off the bunt, Dusty had to resort to some less subtle signs from the dugout.


Cozart Motors a Triple

This was just your second all-time JPEG o' the Week. You know, this exercise of looking back at all of these is really eye-opening. The form and skill of these earlier works is far more passionate and less artfully done than later works. Take notice of the raw emotion in Troy Tulowitzki's face. I wonder how I ever conjured up that kind of humanity. Ah, youth. It was such a long time ago. I wonder if I will ever be able to capture that joie de vivre again.