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Red Reposter - Price Price Baby

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There's a ton to sift through today following the Reds' hiring of Bryan Price to be the next manager.

"I'm sorry 'tHom can't say your name right.  By the way, you're cut."
"I'm sorry 'tHom can't say your name right. By the way, you're cut."
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Mark Sheldon has the breakdown at, including quotes from both Walt Jocketty and Bob Castellini to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about having Price at the helm of your favorite team.  Have we trademarked "Your Favorite Team" yet?  Y'know, all "Best Fans in Baseball (TM)" style yet?  We should totally do that and then troll everyone ever with it so that the whole world knows it and agrees with us.  Yeah.  No.  Also from the family of I have no clue how their page links are connected comes an article from Anthony Castrovince detailing how teams are moving towards hiring less-proven managers instead of high profile retreads.  Of course, loyal Red Reporter readers have known this for weeks thanks to the crack reporting done by the short, tall, bearded, shaven, and mustachioed staff we have here.

John Fay, C. Trent, and that other guy whose idols were John Wayne and sandpaper have complete coverage of the Price hire at the Cincinnati Enquirer.  The press conference is scheduled for 3 PM EST (1 PM in Awesomeville), and they'll surely follow up with notes, quotes, tote mcgotes, floats, and boats (assuming the Nasty Hook weighs in).

Bored yet?  Look through the GIS results of "Red Reporter" for a bit.  #godlord

Friend of the blog Chad Dotson, whom you can always find over at Redleg Nation, chimed in with his thoughts on the hire for ESPN's SweetSpot.  Chad seems to like the idea, as do most of us here, and he gives some solid reasons why with the context of Dusty Baker's recent stint still in mind.

Ken Rosenthal wears a bowtie and likes the tweets he tweets from his Twitter account.  He also likes citing tweets he tweeted himself in articles he wrote as evidence that news had been tweeted.  Bowtie McGee pats himself on the back a few times in this piece about the Reds' hire, including telling the world that he was the first to break the news that everyone already pretty much knew anyway.  Good job, good effort though, Ken.  I follow you on Twitter, and I certainly saw Bob Nightengale's tweet about it before yours, but whatever.

In other news, Mike Axisa from CBS Sports picked a few spots that could be potential landing locations for Reds 2B Brandon Phillips, whom every writer anywhere will tell you is on the trade block.  I don't really like any of these suggestions, apart from perhaps the Giants.  Swapping BP for one year of Pablo Sandoval would free up 3 years of committed big $$ and give the Reds what could be another potent bat in the middle of their order during his contract year.  It would mean Todd Frazier would be asked to play more 2B than we'd probably like (and potentially some LF, too), but it could also mean offense.  Who knows.  I don't.  You know this.  We've been over that before.

Finally, Baseball America named their All-Rookie team, and Tony Cingrani got hosedGerrit Cole?  Really, BA?  Cingrani topped Cole in K, K/9, ERA+, ERA, pitch face, WHIP, and bWAR.  Hose job, I tell you.  Cy Schourek probably just broke a TV and threw a trash can through a window onto the street of whatever country he's in today.