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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Untitled (2013) vs. Juicebox Hero

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Because the World Series is cancelled, we are now contractually obligated to do this.

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Turns out, our two JPEGs of the day actually faced each other back in the regular season. I guess it serves you right to put me in charge of curating this two-bit traveling carnival funhouse. But whatever, the World Series has been canceled. It's not like you have anything better to do right now.

Untitled (2013)

This one followed an incredibly stressful series in St. Louis. In late August, the Reds rolled into Toilet Town looking to flush those bitches. After a pair of stinging, deflating losses, they won 10-0 on getaway day.

Much was made of the series going into it. It was an opportunity for the Reds to make up some ground and for the Cards to get some distance. Friday was a heartbreaker, but Saturday was a backbreaker. The Reds looked listless and the Cards kicked around ace Latos. Then on Sunday, everything reversed and it was like none of it even happened. Just go ahead and try to make sense of it.


Juicebox Hero (Got Stars in His Eyes)

Ah, Chris Heisey. After Ryan Ludwick's return, Heisey went back to the bench and did what Chris Heisey does: perform much, much better with limited opportunity.

I did this thing with Foreigner's Jukebox Hero the first time 'round. Nice gag, I guess. Looking back though, there is now a very real chance that Heisey is not a Red next season. He's a non-tender candidate, considering Derrick Robinson plays better defense and is much cheaper. No matter what happens though, he'll always have stars in his eyes to me.