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Red Reposter - No News is No News

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Profundity abounds in this here Reposter, but this is Red Reporter, so you already knew that.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

The Reds have no manager and have managed to talk to basically no one.  To me, this reveals one of two things:  either the Cincinnati Reds are comfortable with either Bryan Price or Jim Riggleman as their future manager and are therefore not actively pursuing outside candidates, or they have their eyes on someone who's still entwined with a team currently still in the postseason.  Or, it could be a third thing, which is that these things move slowly, are extremely calculated, and there's no real need to feel exasperated or rushed by anything.  So yeah, it's probably the third thing, and given how Walt Jocketty has historically played decisions close to the vest, I'll go with option three.

Jocketty also spoke with John Fay about Cuban IF Alexander Guerrero.  The gist?  He likely won't be a Red.  That, too, can be speculatively taken several ways:  maybe the Reds scouted him and thought he was either no good or not worth the asking price, or maybe the Reds have definitively decided they're not going to do anything drastic/creative/destructive to their current middle infield situation.  Yeah.  It's probably the latter given, oh, the huge contract they gave to Brandon Phillips and their willingness to trade away Didi Gregorius.  Offseason rosterbation is fun and all, but the reality is that the Reds aren't going to blow things up and re-do everything.

Mark Sheldon spoke with Joey Votto about being more Vottomatic and hitting some more Vottosmashes next season.  Joey, as usual, is both reflective and sensible here, and it will certainly be refreshing to forget about the mindless narrative creation spawned during the Great Non RBI Campaign of 2013.  Look, it would be totally radical to have 2010 Joey Votto around for each and every season, but the reality is that his 2010 season will be very, very hard to replicate; that said, the dude's still amazing, and still will provide great things to this franchise.  Lost in the mouth-breathing "he's not worth his contract" argument that's constantly dithered upon is the fact that it was an "either/or" signing and not a "how much should we pay him to stay" signing, and that's a formative difference.  It was going to cost $225 million to have Joey Votto as a Red, or the Reds wouldn't have him at all; overpayment, "not earning his paycheck," expectations, and blah, blah, blah, he's on the team, and he's better than what would otherwise be playing 1B.  Or something.  I need more coffee.

Mat Latos had surgery to remove the bone chips in his elbow.  This happened almost a week ago, and if you follow Mat's wife Dallas on Twitter, you'd have known about it for a few days since she tweeted this picture.  It sounds like all is well and good, and Latos should be totally fine in plenty of time to begin to ramp things up at the appropriate time for Spring Training.  Dallas also mentioned (via Twitter, of course) that 6 weeks from now Mat's elbow will be better than it was at any point last season.  Look at this, multiply those by the healthy-cool WebMD/Twitter coefficient, and then tell me how many Cy Young Awards Mat will win next year.  The answer is eleventy.