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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Mat Latos, Bully at the Municipal Pool vs. Beanball Mania

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Mat Latos, Bully at the Municipal Pool

There sure were some fun times this season, huh? Yesterday we remembered when the Reds swept the Dodgers, and today we look back at when Mat Latos slapped around the A's. He gave those nerdlingers a merciless series of Wet Willies, Depantsings, Indian Burns, and Rear Admirals. Jeez dude, leave little Eric Sogard alone, will ya?

Also, isn't it funny how childhood torture techniques sound weirdly similar to gross sexual acts?


Beanball Mania

TWinJPEGs was way out ahead on this one. And my mom said this thing had little to no journalistic or artistic merit. That'll show you, mom!

Way back in June we were documenting the escalating beanball war between the Reds and Pirates. This JPEG attempted to express the alienation and angst manifested in such a strange expression of aggression and anger. Grown men engaged in a children's game throw balls at each other until one argues that the latest throw was not only deliberate (I mean, they all are), but also over the line that demarcates the division between gamesmanship and violence.

It's enough to make my head detach and swirl in a vortex.