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Please Lose Cardinals Open Thread

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Pretty pretty please with sugar on top!

Yeah.  We've had that face vs. the Cardinals before too, Hanley.
Yeah. We've had that face vs. the Cardinals before too, Hanley.
Elsa Garrison

The St. Louis Cardinals head West to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series tonight, and they'll send Adam Wainwrong out to do the home run giving upping to all the Dodgers the Cardinals haven't already injured or rendered useless by voodoo hexes and existential timewarping.

Hyun-Jin Ryu will take the hill for the Dodgers in an attempt to improve upon his other 2013 postseason start.  Ryu was knocked around against the Atlanta Braves last whenever it was, yielding 4 ER in just 3 IP, and he'll look to be more effective against a lineup filled with overachievers and freak season havers. It probably won't work, though, and I'm sure some other important Dodger will get hurt just to make the Cardinals' path to the World Series that much easier.  We'll probably find out in the 8th inning that Miguel Cabrera and David Ortiz accidentally bumped into each other, concussed themselves, and will be out for 3 to 4 weeks with dizziness, too.

Such is the life of fans of a rival of the Filthy Cards.  Say that five times fast after you sigh, cry, and pour a drink.

We'll be here watching and hoping that former future Red Hanley Ramirez and his Michael Wacha-induced fractured rib can save us from the seemingly inevitable Best Fans in Baseball Apocalypse.  Join us!