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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Reds Sweep Up Dodgers vs. Nick Swisher Thinks Aroldis Chapman is So Heinous

Nick Swisher Thinks Aroldis Chapman is So Heinous

During that silly home-and-home four-game series against the Indians in late May, Chapman gave Swisher a little chin symphony. Swisher got real upset about it and gave Chapman a piece of his mind. This was your very first JPEG o' the Week, which is the kind of thing ESPN would say in their little crawl at the bottom of the page if TWinJPEGs were ever a thing the idiots at ESPN would talk about. I suppose if I drew pictures of Yankees they'd be all over it.


Reds Sweep Up Dodgers

I think my favorite part of this one is the garbage continuity. Not only is the mess of trash inside the house Dodger blue, but the garbage bags are also Dodger blue. Maybe there was a sponsorship deal or something. Yeah, that'd be just like the Dodgers, huh? Sponsoring trash?! Typical left-coast liberal wing nuts.

Also, the dude kinda looks like Mo Egger. Hi, Mo!