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Red Reposter: All quiet on the managerial front

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The Reds are taking their time when it comes to finding a new manager.

"Slow down there, Reds fans."
"Slow down there, Reds fans."
Joe Robbins

Sheldon: Reds contact coach Price, but no interviews set

Thus far, only one of the candidates -- pitching coach Bryan Price -- is known to have been contacted by general manager Walt Jocketty about interviewing for the job.

Other than to say he was interested in the position, Price declined to comment further when reached by No interviews are believed to have been set.

"We are not going to rush into anything," Jocketty said on Tuesday. "We probably won't do anything until after the World Series. I'm not going to rush just to get it over with."

Two other anticipated candidates -- Triple-A Louisville skipper Jim Riggleman and Cubs third-base coach David Bell -- have yet to be contacted by the Reds. Jocketty identified Riggleman as an internal candidate on Friday.

The Reds' online fanbase has discussed the team's managing vacancy from every angle possible, but it's important to keep in mind that the front office is taking its time to come to a decision. Joe Girardi re-signed with the Yankees on Wednesday, but Cincinnati never seemed a likely destination for him. Now that Girardi's future is certain, I have a feeling that the other managerial candidates -- Dusty Baker, Bryan Price to name two -- will begin to fill the league's vacancies in Washington, Chicago, and Cincinnati. Price appears to be the favorite for the Reds' job at this point, but I wouldn't expect an announcement from the team any time soon.

Mark My Word: All quiet from Reds with Arroyo

Mark Sheldon reports that Bronson Arroyo and the Reds have not been in touch regarding a new contract. Arroyo does not believe that the team will extend the qualifying offer to him. I think the qualifying offer makes some sense for the Reds as ~$14 million wouldn't be too much of an overpay for Arroyo. If he were to decline the offer in search of a multi-year deal, then Cincinnati would receive a draft pick from Arroyo's new team as compensation.

Fay: Barry Larkin has not heard from the Reds

Much like Bronson Arroyo, Barry Larkin and the Reds have not discussed the team's managerial job. Larkin never seemed like a good candidate for the opening, so I doubt that this news is too surprising to anyone.

Sheldon: O'Neill said to be discussing Reds' skipper vacancy

Paul O'Neill talked to Bob Castellini about managing the Reds, but the article makes it sound as if the O'Neill's interest in the job is one-sided. The Reds stated that the team did not reach out to O'Neill, and Cincinnati has not announced any official candidates for the job other than Bryan Price and Jim Riggleman. I believe the odds that O'Neill will be the next manager in Cincinnati are very long indeed.

HardballTalk: Calcaterra: Dusty Baker reached out to the Nationals about their job opening

I have no idea where Baker will end up next seasons, but he's already getting his name out there for one of the best situations in baseball. The Nationals' situation is very similar to Cincinnati's in that both clubs have good talent in place and are also coming off disappointing seasons.