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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Back on the Horse vs. Baker's Go Fishing

Our first match of the tournament is already getting nostalgic for Dusty.

Bakers Go Fishing

Hey, folks! Remember Dusty Baker? He's back! In JPEG form. The erstwhile skipper has been erstwhile only for a short while, but while his wiles will take a while to fade from our memories, we can while away the off-season while he tries to get a new job. Bakers Go Fishing illustrates the annual fishing trip that Dusty and Darren Baker go on over the All-Star break. He also ... well, I don't want to explain it all again. Check out the original posting here.


Back on the Horse

Oh look, a strained visual metaphor. How original. In this one, we find (from left to right) Ryan Ludwick, Jonathan Broxton, and Ryan Hanigan all returning from the DL at about the same time. They were all getting "back on the horse" because you know the DL is like getting thrown off the horse and then they dusted themselves off and got right back up there. Check out the original here.

Of course, Broxton didn't last long before his armbow exploded, Ducky was sucky, and Hanigan hit below the Mendoza line. So these Three Amigos coming back to the rescue ended up being more like the Three Butts. Because they stunk.