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Is the Hall Too Tall for Its Own Stars?

The Baseball Hall of Fame will reveal those, if any, who were voted in at 2 pm EST today. Yell and scream about it here.

The last Hall of Famer that matters.
The last Hall of Famer that matters.
Jim McIsaac

It's divisive. I get that.

It's also unavoidable as Reds fans, especially given that there's a realistic chance that the only person elected to the HoF over a 2 year span will be Barry Larkin and, if that's the case, Pete Rose and his scandal will consistently be used as comparison to those who were not elected.

I think the whole thing is stupid, really. The vendetta driven by many in the BBWAA to eliminate any player suspected of PED use from the HoF has done nothing but make those players, their names, and their statistics more famous than many of those who actually get in. The sideshow has usurped the fame of the circus, and to me that's as backwards as can be.

Regardless, it's a hot button topic, so use this thread to speak of what you will. Personally, I'll probably just ignore the HoF entirely until 2029 when Joey Votto is unanimously elected.