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Red Reposter - Prospect lists, Joey Votto's wounded knee, and why the Reds should not trade for Michael Morse

Jonathan Daniel

Baseball America released their Reds top 10 prospects report
After naming the Reds the Organization of the Year for 2012, the report is predictably dripping with praise. Here's the opening line: "For a team on a budget, this is how you're supposed to get things done." Read the whole thing. Billy Hamilton, of course (/nods at KMiB), tops the list, with Robert Stephenson, Tony Cingrani, Daniel Corcino, and Nick Travieso rounding out the top five. Jesse Winker is one of my new favorites.

It is the dead of winter
and writing these reposters has really become a chore. The Reds haven't made any news in weeks, which is probably a good thing in a general sense. But with regards to this exercise, man. I'm digging deep to churn up articles on city construction and traffic delays.

BUT HERE IS REAL NEWS!!! The Reds Caravan is heading out later this month! If you haven't been to one of these events in past years, it's worth your time. The Columbus stop is going to be at Nationwide Arena this year instead of at the mall, which is going to be much, much better. The mall is usually packed with idiots and stupids on Saturday mornings and they totally don't get it. They're all like, "whatevs" and I'm all, "pfffftt". Moving it to Nationwide gives them a dedicated space and much more room. Jam.

The Nationals have started up earnest trade discussions regarding Michael Morse
Now that they have secured Adam LaRoche to handle first base, Morse is basically an expensive and talented fourth outfielder. He wasn't so good last season though, as he worked through some injuries and failed to break the .800 OPS plateau. But this is all totally irrelevant for the Reds because they already have three outfielders who are better than Morse. SLAMMAJAMMA WHUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!!!

Steve Mancuso at RLN views the RGIII drama through the lens of the Joey Votto saga
Both Griffin and Votto pushed to keep playing after initially injuring themselves, only to further complicate matters. Obviously, Votto's outcome was much more favorable than Griffin, but I get where he's going. There is a real chance that Griffin will never be the same, but Votto did suffer from an obvious lack of power through the end of the season. Bottom line, the coaching and medical staffs need to be rational decision-makers in these kinds of situations, because the players certainly cannot be.

Traffic in downtown Cincy is gonna suck for a while
They are replacing the pedestrian bridge that spans Pete Rose Way. Probably because of all of the gambling.

A New Mexican restaurant is scheduled to open on The Banks
Without reading the full article, I'm going to assume they will be selling such conventional and delicious New Mexican fare as Albuquerque turkey sandwiches, Santa Fe salads, and nachos. But everyone everywhere likes nachos.

The Indians signed former Red Jerry Gil to a minor-league deal
The former infielder made it into one game as a pinch-runner with the Reds back at the end of the '07 season. He then move to the mound and banged around for a while, playing in Louisville for a few seasons before being picked up by the Blue Jays last season and spending the year in Las Vegas.