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2013 Community Prospect Rankings Primer

There will be nicknames.


With the calender changing to a new year, it is time for us yet again to embark on the Community Prospect Rankings. For the uninitiated, the Community Prospect Rankings lets you, dear readers, vote for who you think the Top 25 prospects are in the Reds system going into this season.

This year feels different from years past, in that the Reds are legitimate contenders. Back in 2010, the Reds boasted one of the best farm systems in baseball, but through trades to acquire big league talent and graduations to the Major League level, the farm is a little bare. But it's not all bad. The scouting department continued to add new talent this year through another solid draft, and there were some break out performances in 2012 from previously un-ranked prospects, so expect to see some new names.

Baseball America and John Sickels have yet to release their lists, but Doug over at has his top prospect list here.

The voting will start next week, so study up and get ready to let your voice be heard.


Here is the final list from last year:

RR Community Prospect Rankings 2012

1 Devin Mesoraco
2 Zack Cozart
3 Billy Hamilton
4 Daniel Corcino
5 Neftali Soto
6 Robert Stephenson
7 Yorman Rodriguez
8 Todd Frazier
9 Henry Rodriguez
10 Didi Gregorius
11 Tony Cingrani
12 JC Sulbaran
13 Denis Phipps
14 Kyle Lotzkar
15 David Vidal
16 Juan Duran
17 Tucker Barnhart
18 Donald Lutz
19 Amir Garrett
20 Ryan LaMarre
21 Chris Manno
22 Gabriel Rosa
23 Junio Arias
24 Josh Smith
25 Sean Buckley
Composite experts' ranking in parentheses