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Rating the 2013 Reds Promotional Schedule

What'll bring you to the ballpark this year?

John Grieshop

Another year, another list of crazy promotions. The Reds PR department has come up with another list of stuff for this season... let's see what they have in store. Highlights only (which means, no, I'm not going to review every single Business Day Special and Fireworks night).

April 1 - Opening Day

It's Opening Day, the Angels will be in town, there'll be a parade and shit. Duh. 10/10.

April 3 - Opening Night, Fireworks, Team Calendar giveaway

Probably our first chance to see Mat Latos, fireworks after the game... sounds like a pretty great evening. That's pretty much it... oh yeah, RED REPORTER GAME 2 OUTING. Details to come. 18/10.

April 6 - Reds Fleece Blanket

Most of my living room accessories have come from this promotion in the past. These blankets are usually pretty decent in quality, and they usually come in handy during the game, but this one's a day game this year. Against Washington, so good matchup. 8/10.

April 16 - Bark in the Park

I have no beef with dogs in general, but I don't understand this promotion. Unless your dog can keep score for you or go fetch you beers, this is basically "make the ballpark smell like dog shit night". 2/10.

April 20 - Brandon Phillips Bobblehead

Now we're talking. And free to the first 30,000 fans, so guess who's getting one? You are! Unless some dumbass comes in and takes 20 of them to sell on eBay. This would be an 8, but they're playing the Marlins. 7/10.

May 11 - Aroldis Chapman Bobblehead

Finally, a reason to hit up the ballpark in May. On a rare 4:10 game on a Saturday (likely Fox will pick this up, I'd guess), it's a division game against the Brewers, who may or may not be good. Solid 8/10.

May 24 - Cincinnati Zoo Bald Eagle Flight

This sounds cool as shit. I'll just go ahead and assume that Jim Day will be working a Blue Jackets game that night. 7/10.

June 5 - Mat Latos Bobblehead

Good bobblehead to have for sure, but on a Wednesday night against the Rockies? Woof. 6/10.

June 16 - Father's Day Gym Bag

If I got my dad a gym bag with a hot dog advertisement on it, I wouldn't be invited for Thanksgiving. 3/10.

July 3 - Todd Frazier Bobblehead, Bald Eagle Flight

A 2-fer! Excellent bobblehead, and the bald eagle thing. And against the Giants? I'm on board. 9/10, 8 if Mat's pitching.

August 6 - Joey Votto Bobblehead

This is gonna be a crapshoot, I bet. Who knows if Votto will even be healthy then (you'd like to hope so), but the matchup is pretty interesting with a 1990 WS rematch against the A's and Jonny Gomes. 8/10.

August 10 - Reds Cap (presented by Fox Sports Ohio)

Is it just a normal Reds cap? 9/10 then. If it has FSO ads on it, 4/10. Either way, free hat.

September 7 - Joe Morgan Night

Presumably, this will be the first "pants optional" game in GABP's history. 7/10.

September 29 - Fan Appreciation Day

Code name for "last game of the year", we close out our home season against the Pirates. Isn't it always the Pirates?