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Red Reposter: Winter Caravan springs into action

The Winter Caravan ravaged the countryside this weekend. Two weeks 'til pitchers and catchers report.

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Northern leg of the Caravan was a Brand-ish invasion
Craig Calcaterra, an Ohioan, gives the mob scene at the caravan some national pub. Brandon Phillips received a marriage proposal and apparently a bunch of girls were screaming their heads off. What a little winning and a cold, bleak Ohio winter will do. can confirm that BP is a crowd-pleaser
Tucker Barnhart, Todd Benzinger, assistant GM Bob Miller, Marty Brennaman and Chris Welsh were on the Northern leg with BP.

Photos from Saturday's Caravan business at Better Off Red
The crowds do seem significantly bigger than I remembered. Even if Bob hired some shills to scream and faint, it bodes well for the turnstiles this season.

Redleg Nation has been cranking out an impressive amount of Caravan coverage
Here's a little more on the now-infamous stop in Dayton, in which BP was greeted as if he were one of the Wright Brothers (Wilbur/Orville or George/Sam).

Then the crowd erupted as Brandon Phillips came to the stage. From the sound of the crowd, you would've thought Justin Bieber had just crossed the stage in front of a thousand twelve-year-old girls. And of course, DatDudeBP was loving every minute of it. Finally Marty came to the stage, introduced everyone who was seated and began the Q&A session.

Questions were pretty simple and seemed to fly by. A woman asked BP if he would marry her daughter, to which he replied, "Where's she at?" Phillips was entertaining and kept the crowd laughing through most of the session.

A tweet wrap from Fay's blog on the Muncie stop
which included tentative details on the plan for Aroldis Chapman.

Reds Minor Leagues looks at the paltry power-hitting among Reds' prospects
Donald Lutz and Seth Meijas-Brean top the Isolated Power rankings.

C-ing Red: "Seven Not-So-Great Reds Franchise Records"
These records are only not-so-great, they're also bad. If nothing else, this list reminds me how weird 2011 was. Sandwiched in between two division titles was a losing season in which Bronson Arroyo set the franchise record for most HRs surrendered and Drew Stubbs the record for most strikeouts.

Baseball Prospectus attempts to put The Verducci Effect to bed