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Red Reposter: Top 10 RF list boasts Bruce

Jay Bruce will be on tonight's "Top 10 Right Now: Right Fielders" program on MLB Network at 10 o'clock Eastern time.

Bob Levey

Red Reporter has learned from MLB Network "that Jay Bruce will be featured on . . . 'Top 10 Right Now: Right Fielders' tonight at 10pm ET". The show will feature discussion and analysis from Bill James and Eric Byrnes. Both men will unveil their own Top 10 lists in addition to MLB Network's official list.

2013 ZiPS Projections – Cincinnati Reds

Dan Szymborski rolled out his annual projections for the Reds earlier this week at Fangraphs. ZiPS sees much more mundane performances from Ryan Ludwick and Todd Frazier. Both players are projected to be about average at the plate according to OPS+. On the bright side, ZiPS thinks that Zack Cozart will have another good season. (Also of note, Corky Miller's top comp is a Hall of Famer.)

All in all, the system projects roughly 46 WAR from the rotation, bullpen, and the starting position players (including both Devin Mesoraco and Ryan Hanigan). If one assumes that a replacement level team would win 42 to 46 games, then that puts the 2013 Reds in the neighborhood of 90 wins. I think most of us would be happy with another 90-win season.

Cincinnati Reds' Jocketty: Base thief Billy Hamilton to play with Louisville Bats

Walt Jocketty confirmed the club's plan to play Billy Hamilton in Louisville for the entire season. This course of action was pretty evident when the Reds traded for Shin-Soo Choo in December. Hamilton could probably use another year of seasoning, especially when one considers that he has yet to face AAA pitching.

Patience, Reds fans - Billy Hamilton worth the wait

This is a very good article from the Cincinnati Enquirer's John Erardi that details the continued development of the Reds' speedy prospect. Eric Davis' influence on Hamilton is particularly interesting. Erardi also draws attention to the Reds' history of highly successful baserunners.

Of rides, Stewart and Vittorio

Hal McCoy reports that his request for drivers has been met with an overwhelming response. He was only expecting a small number of replies, but "more than 350 volunteers" have contacted him about helping with his commute. McCoy also recounts a recent conversation with Dave Stewart.

Carl Pavano suffers ruptured spleen

The oft-injured veteran hurt himself "while shoveling snow on his driveway in Vermont".