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Great Arroyo, Bronson Performance: Reds Win 5-1

No, I don't want a foot massage. Go away, weirdo. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
No, I don't want a foot massage. Go away, weirdo. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

The grand BeePah went 2-3 with two walks and the go-ahead goodnight Gracie. That'll get him the requisite award tonight. Votto also went 2-3, and Jay set a new personal record with his 33rd rim-rocker. Bronson Arroyo held his own in his guitar solo, going seven innings giving up only a first-inning run, with 7H, 2BB, 5K. Elaborate high-fives all around, folks.

The supergrover Memorial Honorary Red Reporter(s) of the Gamethread

Yossi brought the political discussions, environmental moralism, and giggle-inducing typos that we know and love from him. He is, has been, and will be a stalwart member of this community and is quite possibly my favorite demagogue on the internet today. Buy him a drink, people. Just make sure the brewer was fairly compensated for his labor.

Key Plays

  • An "F. Martinez" double and "J. Maxwell" single gave Houston the early 1-0 lead. I am not sure if these are real people or scabs brought in across the picket line players have formed to prevent one of their brothers from having to play for the Astros.
  • Jay Bruce led off the second inning by putting the friction on the ball and sending it long and strong. Score was then tied at one.
  • BP euphemismed a pitch opposite way to lead off the third inning. That's the way we currently do it in Cincinnati: Reds up 2-1.
  • The game would cruise along as both Arroyo and Norris scattered hits and walks. Then the Reds decided as fun as that was, it was time to wrap things up. Votto led off the sixth with a ground rule double. See? Even when he hits for power, he doesn't feel like sliding. After a Ludwick out, Bruce was IBB'd and Todd Frazier was just plain ol' BB'd. Ryan Hanigan looked around the 7th spot, saw that it was good, and singled in Votto. After completing the Joey Votto Cycle as a team, Houston brought in a new pitcher, who threw away a Wilson Valdez ground ball, letting Bruce and Frazier both score. Arroyo and Heisey both struck out around a BP walk to end the inning. Reds up 5-1.
  • In the eighth inning, Hank Rod got his first MLB hit. In the ninth inning, the Reds won, 5-1.

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • Tonight, Jay Bruce got his 9th intentional walk. If he gets one more, he'll become the third player on the team with double-digits. Can you name the other two?
  • It's not that hard. Just think of two other guys who walk a lot. Seriously. You can do this.
  • Nothing else really happened today.
  • This song was stuck in my head recently. It's got a catchy hook, I'll give it that.