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Game played in alternative universe where Houston wins, Chapman blows save

The good news is he's in walking shape. Hopefully, he's up for a four-bag trot soon.
The good news is he's in walking shape. Hopefully, he's up for a four-bag trot soon.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

I was going to give this to Matt Dominguez for going where almost no man has gone this year, but his defense looked so shoddy that I can't do it. Chris Heisey stroked three hits, including a triple, en route to scoring twice. Now that's a table-setter. He also made a Stubbsian catch in the 5th to take away a hit from Dominguez. As for honorable mentions, Homer Bailey recovered from a rough first inning to go 6 2/3 while allowing just the two runs. Joey Votto collected three of the Reds' four walks.

The supergrover Memorial Honorary Red Reporter(s) of the Gamethread

I wasn't in the thread for a while, but I saw that the estimable -ManBearPig has a good blackmail angle. Deviancy earns the win on a night were down is up and black is white.

Key Plays

  • Houston got off to business pronto. Justin Maxwell took a mistake pitch over the CF wall, scoring the diminutive Jose Altuve, who's height is required to be mentioned at least once in any story featuring him. Reds trailed, 2-0.
  • Ryan Ludwick immediately picked up Homer Bailey, singling in two in the bottom half of the 1st. 2-all
  • Jay Bruce roped drives all over the field today, but his only hit came on an opposite field bloop in the 5th with the bases full. The Reds looked to do more damage with just one out, but Frazier hit into a force out at home, and Ryan Ludwick foolishly made a wide turn around third and slipped on his way back to give Houston the easy DP. Reds up, 3-2.
  • Yeah, I'm as shocked as you are. Matt Dominguez dinked a shot over the LF wall in the 9th against Aroldis Chapman, scoring three. Astros win, 5-3.



Other Notes
  • He's human after all. Tonight's blown saves blew Chapman's streak of 27 straight conversions.
  • Todd Frazier didn't have a great day, with just one hit, an error, and five left on. Still, with the hit he's reached base in 29 straight games. He passed Votto for the longest streak by a Red this season.
  • As you might have gathered from the mention of Heisey above, Drew Stubbs sat tonight. Dusty is giving him a Bruce-ian multiple-day vaca. Cozart and Rolen sat out with bad backs.
  • Speaking of vaca, Bray's starts today. Or maybe it was yesterday. What I'm trying to say, is that we won't see Bray in play until next year, maybe May.