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SB Nation United: Exciting news / Fred Regorter still needs to shave

In the next month, SB Nation will undergo a dramatic upgrade to our platform and our editorial process. There will be much more detail to come, but for now, the new logo above gives you a sort of "Fall Upfront" to what is coming for our blog.

We have a proud tradition at Red Reporter and fear change. But I hope you'll agree this new, slick-looking badge represents a much-needed design upgrade that's true to our roots. And that Fred Regorter has a beguiling Mona Lisa smile.

This is a small, but important sample of what's to come as the network undergoes its most exciting and radical transformation in the eight-year history of SBN. Each site on SB Nation is getting a renovation of its visual identity to help unite our network. You can browse through all the new logos on a special page we put together at

SBNation has nearly tripled the size of its blog family since I started compulsively visiting this site. The upgrade will help everyone get the most out of that network and, especially, get better access to the best content kicking around the Reds' universe.

You'll still be able to find the same great writing, conversation, multimedia and borderline pathological fandom.

Our commitment to passionately follow our sports will never end. It’s what makes SB Nation a special place and that will only be enhanced by these new changes. In the meantime there will be new additions to the SB Nation store so you can be sporting United gear before it even launches. Unlike some other United gear, it does not cost 80 pounds sterling.

As Yogi Berra might as well have said: "The present is over. This is the future."