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Reds promise ring, so they're saving it. Lose to McCutchen, Pirates 2-1.

The Reds nursed a no-hitter hangover as Andrew McCutchen walked-off and kept the Pirates dreams of .500 alive.

Joe Sargent - Getty Images

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Mike Leake. Even though he let the hit-less streak die in the very first inning, he pitched six strong of scoreless, 4 hit ball and contributed the Red's only extra base hit of the night (a ground-rule double in the 5th).

Supergrover Memorial Red Reporter of the Game Thread

I went to see The Master - which lasted the exact length of an average baseball game - but I see that vottomatic dug up a gem for us from the FSO archives. This is a real exchange Thom and Homer had earlier this season:

Thom: Alright, Homer, we’re gonna have a little fun here. You were a first round pick in 2004. You know who else was? You’ve got Verlander, Humber, and Weaver. You know what all those guys have in common?
Homer: We were all drafted in the same year?
Thom: Not only that, they’ve all thrown no-hitters this year. So that brings the obvious question to you: How long do we have to wait, for crying out loud, before that’s going to happen?
Homer: Laughs.
Tom Verducci: Go ahead and call your no-hitter right here.
Homer: I’ll tell you what, after I do it I’ll let you know.

Key Plays

  • Nothing much happened, which tonight was a bad thing.
  • Jose Arredondo took over for Leake in the 7th. Alex Presley doubled in Chase "Gosh" d'Arnaud. "Rage on" 'dondo has looked shaky lately. His peripherals have been throwing up red flags for a while, so he makes me a little nervous for the playoffs.
  • Pirates' 2011 deadline acquisition Ryan Ludwick returned to action with a pinch-hit double in the 8th. He was lifted on the basepaths for Phipps, who came around to score on Rolen's single - ending a 15 innings scoreless drought. Joey Votto was also removed at 2nd base for Didi. Pinch runners have a strong union.
  • Jonathan Broxton gave up a walk-off solo HR in the bottom of the ninth to Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates' living reminder there is joy in the world.

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes!

  • The Reds' staff ERA for September dropped below 3.00. It's been the best of times and the blurst of times.
  • With tonight's loss, the Reds' clinched a sub-100-win season for just the 129th time in franchise history.
  • The Reds have averaged 1.8 runs per game over their last 5 and Jay Bruce has gone 3-20, with a double and no walks. They're 3-2 in that span and 3 games above .500 in September. Run prevention, unlike abstinence-only education, works.
  • Joey Votto OBP check: .477. Still more than twice that of both Miguel Cairo (.205) and Wilson Valdez (.229), tonight's leadoff batter. I realize this crap doesn't matter right now, but it's kind of impressive. The gulf between Valdez/Cairo and Votto is the basically the widest you could possibly have between two players with at least 150 PAs in the majors this season.
  • Sorta wish the Reds had a player named Jimmy Mack. He played in the Twins org from '66-'70.