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RED REPORTER EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the originator of "The Woooooooo," Duane Rhodes

By now you have heard the sound that has taken over Great American Ballpark, stirred curiosity amongst visiting players, and has annoyed Jim Day. Now, it's time to meet the man behind its origination, Duane Rhodes of Marion, Ohio.

Mr. Rhodes is not a stranger to the Reds or baseball. Growing up in southeastern Ohio, Mr. Rhodes was a fan of Pete Rose and the Big Red Machine. Following a promising high school career, Mr. Rhodes even tried out for the Cincinnati Reds in Portsmouth. While a major league career was not in the offing for him, he still found a way to entertain thousands of baseball fans this season with the Cincinnati Reds.

Duane started wooing on September 10 when he took his grandson to his first major league game. His solo yawps caught on with others in his section and soon the entire stadium was doing it. It is perhaps no coincidence that once they began, the Reds started to mount their comeback against the Pirates.

Mr. Rhodes has the red hair, he has the love of the game, and now, he has a 2-0 record when attending games this season. Is it too out of line to plead that the Reds front office do this man right? Clearly, he needs to be at every playoff game to ensure postseason success.

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