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Reds' bullpen log, playoff edition

That had better not be a growth!

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This is just a little something, not really much of anything, to fill the space before today's Biz Man Special.

Things are in pretty good shape for the bullpen. Though Jonathan Broxton had to shoulder the load a little for his Bro Chapman this month, it wasn't a Ton and he's been an Ox. By both pitches and innings, Chapman was the hardest-working man in the 'pen this year, so it's no surprise he needed a spell.

All Reds pitchers besides Arredondo threw between 16-17 pitches per inning this season. That's not surprising for relievers with especially high K-rates. Arredondo makes me a little nervous in the playoffs, but he's essentially like having another lefty specialist.

He's held lefties to a .160/.298/.270 line this year. Not as good as Sean Marshall, but still in the right situation.

Broxton, meanwhile, has been the most pitch-efficient.

Bullpen Log

Reliever September Season totals
Aroldis Chapman 5.2 IP, 103 pitches
69.2 IP, 1165 pitches
Jonathan Broxton 11.0 IP, 176 pitches
55.2 IP, 895 pitches
Sean Marshall 8.1 IP, 137 pitches
58.1 IP, 976 pitches
Jose Arredondo 6.0 IP, 109 pitches
59 IP, 1048 pitches
Sam LeCure 8.1 IP, 135 pitches
55.2, 912 pitches
Alfredo Simon 5.0 IP, 103 pitches 59.0 IP, 972 pitches
J.J. Hoover
6.2 IP, 123 pitches
63.2 IP (AAA+MLB)
Logan Ondrusek
6.1 IP, 108 pitches
57.2 IP (MLB+AAA)