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SB Nation United & Red Reporter: Pix and it will happen

A little while a go, we previewed the new Red Reporter logo. In the very new future, a completely new and re-imagineered version of Red Reporter is going to hit the streets. With United, SBN has been working overtime to upgrade the site and incorporate features that have been on writers' and users' wish lists. It's a new design and user experience that will be easier on the eyes. More importantly, it will be a powerful tool for following the Reds and keeping this community vibrant.

United has been an effort to - among many other things - make the site less hierarchical and more accessible. Important threads don't have to be buried, news items can be followed more readily and site content will generally hang together in a more logical way - rather than sorta skipping along at my whim.

But don't take my word for it. What follows are some sample screen shots.

One major improvement is that cover stories can hang at the top. This means that highly entertaining Farmer's Only content need not be mountain top-temoved by my post about Chad Reineke's roster spot. Here is one of several configurations available to us:


I was never one for pyramidal management structures anyways. This is more egalitarian.

This is another:


The screenshot above the fold features a new and much easier to follow developing news. Instead of us making makeshift edits to existing posts that may or may not be seen by readers, we'll be able to capture everything in a dynamic stream:


That's not all. That's not even most. There's much more.

Stay tuned.