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FOUR MORE!... wins by the Reds, losses by the Cardinals (or a combination thereof)


NOTE: an exclamation point followed by an ellipses should be called something, just like a "?!" is an "interrobang." Exclamo-pause?

The Reds' Magic Number is 4. Which means, among other things, that there's a pretty good chance they'll clinch the division at home. The only scenario that would have them popping the Andre Cold Duck in the cramped confines of the Wrigley visitor's clubhouse is if the Cardinals lose their next two and the Reds win their next two.

We'll see what happens. I'm not going to root for the Reds to lose - or the Cards to win - but... maybe someone could get rained out?

When it happens, it'll be the Reds' 14th playoff birth in franchise history. If you start the Red Stockings-Reds-Redlegs lineage in 1882, then that's a postseason for Cincinnati baseball fans every 9 and 1/3 years. So, had the Reds' made it in '99, the suffering of last decade wouldn't have been that outrageous.

We're lucky enough to be in the pocket of two post seasons in three years. That's a Frequency that hasn't happened since Kenneth (the Elder) was around (the '70s).

It's not here yet. So we don't about the expectations that come with not having a professional sports team win a playoff game in 17 years. But I can smell it. And kind of taste it. It smells like fun.