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New Old Stuff on RR: Polls, Players on Twitter, Injuries & more

Here's this.
Here's this.

I've been doing a little Fall cleaning on the site, updating old pages and adding some new content. I thought I'd round it up and dump it here.

Also, to follow the PR playbook, if you have any bad news, a late Friday post is the place to do it.

Reds' Injury Report
KC has done yeoman's work maintaining this document, so I just wanted to tip the hat to him. We now have a pretty serious log of injuries from roughly the last year-and-a-half, which might tell us something. If you have a research interest, please get IRB-approval first.

Updated directory of Reds' players on Twitter
Learn what your favorite, less-favorite and almost-known Reds' players think about whether they should get the iPhone 5. Nick Travieso makes his first appearances and Didi gets bumped up to the big league list. There are now two public Twitter lists - one with Reds' major leaguers and one with farmhands.

Red Reporter writers on Twitter
This is a Twitter list of current RR contributors' twitter handles. Another step toward our goal of creating a completely self-referential baseball universe.

New poll: "What should the name of the howling/woo-ing going on in GABP and capturing the imaginations of Reds fans everywhere?"
I floated this on Twitter, but it never got attached to a specific post. After a strong start, "The Howl" is being edged out by "Annoyin'." The shine may be off the woo apple.

Updated Deluxe 40-man Roster
This page is finally up-to-date again, after collecting dust over the summer. There's information for 40-man-roster members on handedness, transaction history, contract status, nicknames - with notes on bios and career milestones. You can also also find selected snapshots of the 40-man roster back to December 2011, if you have very short-term nostalgia or absolutely nothing at all to do.