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Roy Roars, Reds Romp. Reds Thump Diamondbacks, 5-2.


The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Roy was up to his usual tricks tonight, going 2 for 4 with a run scored and the 2-RBI triple that put the game on ice in the 8th. Wade Miley's second place campaign effort was admirable, as the lefty threw 7 innings of 3 ER ball, but the matchup of the two likely leaders in the Rookie of the Year race ended in Frazier's favor. His season line currently sits at .295/.355/.555. Remember when I said that in the last 56 seasons, only Austin Kearns and his .907 OPS in 2002 was better than Frazier's 2012 rookie campaign? .910, folks...the best since Frank Robinson.

Honorable mention is deserved by Johnny Cueto, who was his usual Cuetastic self while picking up his league-leading 17th win (7 IP, 2 ER, 4 H, 5 K, 1 BB). Ryan Hanigan was 2 for 4 with 2 RBI, too, and deserves some serious props for his .290/.382/.359 season. The guy had every blabbering head who had access to a microphone calling for the best catching prospect in the minors to be the everyday catcher for the Reds, yet Hanigan has quietly done what he's always done: play impeccable defense, call a great game, and get on base. The guy deserves a lot more praise than he gets, as do Walt and Dusty for sticking with him.

The supergrover Memorial Honorary Red Reporter of the Game

Are you kidding me? FAR-NEY! FAR-NEY!

This remarkable season is slowing drawing some RR All-Stars out of retirement, and our co-pilot was the latest. We've seen 'tHan and thevole return, Ash and 3 Fast 3 Furious, and now Farneyismycopilot all in the last few weeks. PAGING FAT VEGAS ALAN! I'd page 'creds, too, but let's be honest...we all know the Reds are winning because he's not around anymore.

Key Plays

  • Cueto was touched up for a 1st inning run as Gerardo Parra led off with a double, advanced to third on a wild pitch, and scored with Jason Kubel vajayjayed a sac fly to LF. Reds trailed, 1-0.
  • This development played right into Dusty's Lineup Construction World Domination Evil Plan perfectly. If BP and Roy had been hitting 1st and 2nd, then Cozart and Stubbs would have been up to bat after the Reds were down 1-0, and there's no way they'd ignite a 3 run rally! See? Isn't it brilliant? It's brilliant! Roy, of course, was the keystone as he led off the 2nd with a single. Scott Rolen then worked a walk after a 15 pitch at bat, and Chris Heisey singled on the very next pitch to load the bases. Roy shot mind bullets at Miley, who threw a wild pitch allowing him to score, and then Hanigan smoked a single to LF to score his buddies. Reds led, 3-1.
  • Cueto allowed only one more run on his night, and it came on a double by Parra in the 5th that scored Wheeler, who had singled. Reds led, 3-2.
  • Matt Lindstrom was summoned from the bullpen for the 8th, and the Reds wasted no time in making him want to go back to Baltimore. BP singled and stole 2nd, and Ryan Ludwick got in on the party with a single. Roy tripled them both in, naturally. Broxy and Chapman did what they do, and that was that. Reds win, 5-2!



Other Notes

  • In the top's never ending race to the bottom, Zack Cozart got the best (worst?) of Drew Stubbs tonight. While both went 0 for 5, Cozart managed to strike out 3 times to Stubbs 1. Sigh. At least Cozy can fall back on his 37 point advantage in OPS. C'mon, Dusty.
  • Frazier (.295), Hanigan (.290), and BP (.297) are just a few good games away from all hitting .300. No, I did not imagine that when pondering my season predictions.
  • All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, put the pieces back together my way. That's actually not true...I've wanted a lot of other things along the way. For instance, I've always wanted Roisin Murphy to sing this to me. That'd be pretty swell, yeah.